The Simplest Way to Choose a Watch Winder – A Box For Automatic Watch

What if you want to have your watch to be ready at any time without the hurdle of rewinding it? Then Watch Winder, a watch box for automatic watch is what you needed

luxury watch

For you who had automatic watches collection, rewinding a watch will be an enjoyable activity,  but what if you want to have your watch to be ready at any time without the hurdle of rewinding it? Then Watch Winder, a watch box for automatic watch is what you needed. Its function is to wind an automatic watch when you are not wearing it and make your watch ready to wear. But how to choose your very own box for automatic watch?

First thing first, how many watches you own and planned to be put in the watch winder?

If you only have one or two automatic watches, a box with one holder can be a choice with rotating a watch in a box and another to used. But, if you have a fair amount of watches, then there is some watch winder which has up to 48 storages.

Nowadays, there are so many settings you will easily find in just one winder. Do you just want to set the rotation direction or you want to set the turns per day by yourself? Some of the winders even have double rotation mode and scheduled rest for the watch to unwind.

Some of the watches already specified their turns per day need, and let the watch sit in the winder continuously is not a good choice. So consider watching your watch need.

Then, where there is a price, there is quality. But when choosing a watch winder, you can’t just consider the price only. Because in reality, there is just so much overprice watch box for an automatic watch that may do more damage to your watch than not. Choosing from a high-quality brand or the cheapest one is your right, as long as you know what your watch needed. Consider the machine, box material and or whether the dynamo is near the watch body or not.

When you only have a watch and occasionally wearing it, you maybe want to have the cheapest winder and without seeing the specification you may choose the simplest one that rotating your watch continuously and make your watch wear and tear.

So, after determining how many your watches, consider their needs and check the box’s material, you are ready to choose the proper watch box for your automatic watch.

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